Los Angeles is not what you see in the movies, it’s like Detroit with palm trees.

Don Draper

Didn’t know Russ was in town too, maybe I should connect with him.

Enjoy this little piece I directed for The Art of Manliness.

I created this video for this awesome Kickstarter campaign. Please share!

Kickstarter shoot in Malibu.

Kickstarter shoot in Malibu.

Lifehacker Feature

Today Lifehacker featured my Art of Manliness video on how to shave with a straight razor.


How to Shave with a Straight Razor | AoM Instructional (by Art of Manliness)

My latest video for the Art of Manliness.

I know this is late, but here’s the latest video I directed for The Art of Manliness.

Starting January 6th.

Starting January 6th.