I had the pleasure of directing this series for The Art if Manliness and working with my good friend Gerald of Simplified Wine. Here is the first installment of The Everyman’s Guide to Wine.

Episode 1 of this hilarious new series I co-produced with my amazingly talented bride, Lacy Prince. If you’re a fan of shows like Comedy Bang Bang, or anything my Tim & Eric, you’ll love it!

On set for #ManifestDestiny. (at Finley-Holiday Films)

On set for #ManifestDestiny. (at Finley-Holiday Films)

Crew needed: Cinematographer with their own camera, lighting and sound gear for 18 day shoot. May have to perform audio, grip and post duties as well. No pay, good for your portfolio. Will submit to Sundance.
Every indie job posting in LA

Here’s the pilot episode of our new show POSTER BOYS. Hopefully it will please the film and comedy nerds alike. Enjoy our concept trailer for the film "ENDLESS LOVE" with only the title and tagline "Say goodbye to innocence" as our writing prompts.

POSTER BOYS Pilot Premiere

Come to The Clubhouse tonight to see our POSTER BOYS pilot at the Icky Pep show at 7:30pm! Free laughs and free beer… donations welcomed.

80% of the people in this town have no business being here
A wise actor once told me.
Los Angeles is not what you see in the movies, it’s like Detroit with palm trees.

Don Draper

Didn’t know Russ was in town too, maybe I should connect with him.

Enjoy this little piece I directed for The Art of Manliness.